What do you hear?

I’m going to ask for about 20 minutes of your time with this post. I want you to listen carefully to these three videos and tell me what you hear. And I’ll tell you what I hear.

Here is the first video:

Here’s what I heard:

Harris to Rogers: If a conversation is a matter of public record, you can share?

Rogers: You’re trying to trick me! Starts having a tantrum.

Harris, stops him in his tracks and asks the question again.

Rogers, petulantly: I already told you, and I’m not going to tell you again.

Harris, to Rosenstein after providing important context and legal precedent: Are you willing to sign a letter that says Mueller has full independence?

Rosentstein, begins mansplaining an answer to a question she didn’t ask.

Harris: Answer the question. It’s either ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

McCainto Chairman Burr: Kamala’s not being nice.

Rosentstein, continues his mansplaining and ends with: You are calling me a liar.

Harris: No, I’m not. Let me ask the question again. Are you willing to give Mueller full independence?

Burr: Kamala, be nice, or I’m going to put you in a time out.

Rosenstein, more mansplaining.

Burr: Kamala, it’s not your turn anymore.

And now for the second video:

Again, here is what I heard.

Harris to Sessions: You seem to have a problem with recall. Prior to this hearing, did you refresh your memory with anything you wrote down?

Sessions: Things are moving too fast! Then rambles.

Harris: Will you provide any notes that you did take?

Sessions: As appropriate.

Harris: Appropriate? What does that mean?

Sessions: I don’t know.

Harris: Did you prepare for these hearings???? 

Sessions: Sort of.

Harris, asks a bunch of other questions.

Sessions, in response to each question: I don’t recall. Followed by rambling.

Harris: Stop rambling.

Sessions: You make me nervous!

Harris: What specific DOJ policy is giving you the authority to not answer questions?

Sessions, mansplaining or rambling.

Harris: Did you REALLY not prepare for these hearings????

McCainto Chairman Burr: Kamala’s not being nice.

Burr: Kamala, be nice, or I’m going to put you in a time out.

Sessions, more rambling.

Burr: Kamala, it’s not your turn anymore.

And finally video three:


Powers: You think she was hysterical?

Miller: Yes, hysterical. Screed. Had no real questions. Made no effort to get to bottom.

Powers, breaking the fourth wall: Got it.

Me, back to Powers: Yup, got it.

Miller: She shouted down Sessions and was way out of bounds.

Lord: Pull my finger.

Powers: I’m hysterical right now.

Me: You and me both.

So, did you hear those videos differently than I did?

If so, can I ask you a question? Did you vote for Trump? Or maybe you voted for Hillary only because she was the lesser of two evils?

If you heard the same thing I did, I bet you are a little hysterical as well. And by ‘hysterical’, I mean ‘livid’.


So, do as Kamala suggests and go to this website that she links to in her tweet below.

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2 Responses

  1. Woody Underhill says:

    I admire Ms Harris and voted for her. But her questioning of Sessions was badgering and seemed designed to get her message across rather than get answers.

    • Thanks for the comment! I believe she was persistent and direct and tough in her questioning of Sessions, but I disagree that she was badgering. She was doing her best to counter his constant response of “I don’t recall” or “I can’t” because of the unidentified policy. She wants his notes since his memory is faulty and she wants to understand the legal basis for his not answering the questions. I think those questions are valid.